Business aviation

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Business aviation is an on-demand, point-to-point air transportation that allows business leaders to travel in the most effective and least burdensome manner.

It also includes medical evacuation, humanitarian and military flights.

What are the benefits of business aviation?


1. Time saving

There are three times less airports in Europe served by regular airlines than by business aviation. Business aviation favors interconnectivity and makes connections and waiting times vanish.

By landing closer to your destination and reaching multiple locations on the same day, you can consequently reduce the length of your business trips and the costs related to transfers and hotel stays.

Moreover, you are freed from the constraints of commercial aviation by arriving at the FBO 15 minutes only before your departure, as opposed to several hours for a regular flight.

2.   Flexibility

Business aviation allows you to choose your travel schedule and itinerary. If your business meeting lasts longer than expected, in most cases, you may be able to delay the departure to accommodate your schedule changes.

You can also plan a last-minute trip by booking a business jet up to 4 hours before departure.

3.   Privacy & Productivity

Traveling by private jet allows you to work as efficiently as you would in the office and to communicate with your colleagues or clients confidentially. With private jet, there is no place for corporate spying.

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